Thursday, September 22, 2011

Answers anyone

I went through some of the articles that addressed the issue of privacy and I wonder how the "problem of invading privacy" would be addressed  in  countries where individual rights do not take precedence over group rights. For instance on the issue of location data, until recently in Nigeria, phone service providers did not have any personal information on customers (For example, I could own three phones and be anonymous, my phone number was not tied to an address or name). Some time last year,  Nigeria's government embarked on project where everyone with a Nigerian (including those living abroad) have to register their phone numbers,provide addresses and other demographic information and thumb print. THe purpose for this project is to enable law enforcement gather location data and tackle crime. Remarkably, there has been compliance. To my knowledge no one has complained about the information on citizens  that would be available to the government.  So my question is if other countries try to do what Nigeria's government  has done what challenges would they face?

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