Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ms. Twinkle


Anybody ever read Enid Blyton series? Remember Mr. Twinkle?  Reader's digest version- Mr Twinkle is a character in Enid Blyton series who is a scatterbrained and forgetful, e.g. he has his hat on his head and would still search everywhere for it. Ok so I had a Mr. Twinkle moment this week.

Funny(maybe not) but here we go....

I saw Anne's post... I was excited and I wanted to reply... Easy right!

I tried to log in and bingo... wrong password. I'm like my password cannot be wrong, I tried to reset my password... no luck. So I give it a rest. I tried again yesterday.. same thing. I'm thinking, I can't forget my username is right.... I am TOOOOO SURE of my password... and then it hit me, I was typing the wrong username...

So I'm back  and good to go

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