Thursday, March 24, 2011


I attended my first, no second career services workshop at the Tempe campus. I accidentally walked into the workshop and it proved to be very valuable.
Four students attended the workshop and I liked that we were a small group.
The workshop discussed how to develop your professional image (of course) as one is who about to join the labor force. I actually learnt how to create your 30 seconds commercial - I have heard about the "elevator pitch" but this was new and interesting.

I also learned how to adapt your personal life to developing your image and tips on deal makers or breakers.

The one hour I spent there was definately time well spent.


  1. Developing your image in today's society is huge as the competition for jobs is increasing. I am curious as to what the "elevator pitch" is I don't think I have ever heard of that one. I might be applying for a new job in the near future so if you have any advice on how to make myself more appealing to an employer please feel free to send it my way!

  2. hi Brady,
    emmm this is long version of the elevator speech. Imagine you meet your supervisor in an elevator and you have a project you are working on, the pitch is the less than 3 minutes summary of what your project is about.

    The career services website has lots of resources.
    the link is below

    all the best.

  3. Thanks for posting your feedback from this workshop. This is such an important component to our next step after graduation and I am definitely going to see when they are offering another one of the workshops.

  4. The elevator pitch is such a neat concept. A friend of mine in mechanical engineering had an assignment to make one to a CEO of a fictional firm in only 30 seconds. He found it difficult to condense a complicated engineering concept to such a small amount of time. However, it is a very important way to communicate in the professional world and key to selling your skills.