Thursday, March 24, 2011



This week at work was remarkable. I attended to clients by myself (yay!!!).
Just want to share some of the frustrations clients expressed this week. Three months after clients arrive in the US, the plan is that they get jobs and would soon be capable of taking care of themselves. It is vital that they get employment in those three months else.

We have these clients we have been trying to get job placements for and it has been really tough. So, one  tuesday, I call some of the clients to come in so we can continue job hunting and there were so reluctant to come. One of the clients says she is tired of applying, applying and applying !!! and nothing happens. I could only imagine her frustration... believing  that the grass is greener on the other side, then realizing that it is not.I have told her that we would keep looking and giving up is not an option.

I met another client this week who is scientifically gifted  (I don't know the 'correct' term for that..) Honestly, this person should be in a lab inventing something. He had issues with the government of his  home country and was stopped from working on an experiment he was conducting -he told me what this project was and I was impressed-  He is here and is ready to do anything... It is really so sad to see his skills and passion unused (I refuse to accept that his skills would end up being wasted).

On a positive note, some more clients got jobs this week so that kind of balanced things out for me.

Enjoy your weekend



  1. Damola-
    As you know I am working on the education end of this same project at IRC and I can understand the frustration. It is interesting to consider how a downturn in the economy has the trickle down effect of not only endangering the jobs of American workers but truly hindering the job search for refugees and other immigrants.

  2. @Anne: I know. It is really frustrating. I also think clients need to understand the importance of ESL classes