Thursday, April 7, 2011


I had a really great week at work.
On Tuesday some of our clients came in for the food handlers card training. In Arizona and I guess all states, you need a food handlers card to work in a restaurant or food service provider. In Arizona, you can  do the training and take the test at  downtown phoenix ( at the health department) or take it online- there are different certified programs such as servesafe or foodsafety. So you do the training, take the assessment, pass the test, and go downtown to get your card- that is the end of the story.

Now to the beginning. The clients came in and they began their training with an interpreter who translated the course for them and helped them take notes. I learned so much on food safety watching them take the course and I said to myself; "Damola you have been eating germs" and I prayed to God that the places I eat follow these rules. I must say the course is intense and took about three hours. The course has made me VERY aware of the importance of food safety.

Good news is the clients passed the test and hopefully they get jobs soon

Oh by the way, one of my colleagues and I got "promoted" and we were allowed to take a financial literacy class on our own- that felt really great- because usually the class is taken by some volunteers from Bank of America

Kwaheri (Swahili for bye)


  1. I had a food handlers card back in the day (high school). We just had to take a basic knowledge test through the county and become certified. The ServSafe course for management was more difficult and it was quite expensive if I recall correctly.

  2. @David: Congrats on your grad. It is quite cheap now. It's about $9

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  4. If all restaurants and people or business involved in food provision process maintain a food handler certification or card, we would all be assured that what we consumer are clean. I just hope every business does this. It’s not only for their customers but for them also as it will protect their reputation from negative publicity once mishandling of food happens.