Saturday, April 2, 2011

Squaw Peak Mountain, Matsuri Festival, Downtown Phoenix

First off, I live in the east valley and before I began my internship, the only time I spend in Phoenix is between 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm. After classes I go home. Please forgive me for missing- in- action
My internship and the fact that most of my classes are now in Phoenix has opened my eyes to the beauty of the West Valley.
Last week I visited the Squaw peak mountain (No I don't hike, just went to sight-see). The feeling was just awesome and the view is just sooooo grand.
Over a month ago, I attended the Matsuri Festival, downtown and the festival was splendid and a wonderful exposure to the Japanese culture;It was just sad to see that the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan two weeks after. In between work and waiting for classes, I have been exploring downtown and all I tell myself is "you-are late and you- have-been-missing-in-action"

Indeed, Phoenix is truly beautiful and I am having a ball.
Next stop, Sedona and Grand Canyon


  1. Are you gonna invite me over now?

  2. In one of my recent classes we took a tour of downtown Phoenix and I was blown away by just how much was really down there. Coming from a small town I also really enjoy just how many events are always happening in the PHX area and I am glad you are getting a chance to experience some of them. Good Post!

  3. Adedamola-
    Even though I grew up in Phoenix my time in graduate school has allowed me a new-found appreciation for the city. I, too, attended the Matsuri Festival, which is interesting, as I was recently accepted to teach English in Japan through Phoenix Sister Cities and will leave in August. I thought the festival did a great job of bringing together the many facets of Japanese culture.